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Latest News Stories from Brooke Weston Academy

February 2020

  • Author Simon James Green visits BWA

    Published 27/02/20

    Author Simon James Green told students about his writing career, love of comedy and his LGBT characters during a recent visit to Brooke Weston Academy.

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  • Here's our 'Design a Book Cover' winners

    Published 26/02/20

    Well done to the winners of the Library's ‘Design a Book Cover’ competition.

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  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

    Published 25/02/20

    School Re-opening Risk Assessment

    Result of the COVID-19 risk assessment for the full reopening of Brooke Weston Academy from autumn term 2020.

    Following the Government’s announcement that schools are to reopen to all students at the start of the autumn term 2020, we have been preparing our school to safely welcome back students and staff. This has involved a comprehensive risk assessment process to ensure risks continue to be effectively managed. Consideration has been given to balancing the minimisation of risks from Coronavirus (COVID-19) with providing a full educational experience for children and young people, in line with Government guidance.

    Government guidance for the reopening of schools, including that for parents and carers, can be accessed here.

    Brooke Weston Academy and The Brooke Weston Trust will continue to monitor guidance and will adopt a dynamic risk management approach to ensure the operation of the school remains as safe as possible.  

    The results of our risk assessment are published here. We have also produced an information booklet which is intended to give you an outline of what our new school environment will look and feel like and reassure you that we will do everything we can to make school as safe as it can be for students and staff.

    Risk Assessment:

    School Re-opening Guidance - 11th August 2020

    Dear parent/carer, there is an important letter on the website regarding the re-opening of school in August. Please read the letter along with the school re-opening guidance. Thank you for your support and look forward to seeing our students on the 18th August 2020.



    School Transport Letter - 9th July 2020

    Dear parent/carer, due to the change in government guidance the school transport will now be running to all stops for Term 1 of next academic year. Please read the letter regarding this and sign up to the bus service if you are intending to use it so that we can allocate your space.

    Parent Update Letter - 8th July 2020

    Dear Parents/Carers, there is a really important letter on the website regarding re-opening plans for August.  Please would you read through this – more information will follow

    Parent Update Letter - 26 June 2020

    Dear parent/carer, there is an important letter from the BWT CEO, which also states that we will not be open to children during the summer holiday period. Thank you for your continued support and hope you are well.

    Student Care during COVID-19

    During the COVID-19 pandemic it is really important that students remain safe.  If you have any issues regarding the safety or wellbeing of a student please contact the school using the following email address:


    Coronavirus Covid-19 update - School Closure Information (20 March)

    Please visit for further information about school closures for Brooke Weston Trust schools. 

    Brooke Weston Trust Statement Regarding School Closure Announcement 18/03/2020 

    Following the government’s latest announcement, the situation regarding the opening of schools has changed. Please visit for full details.

    You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should. #StayHomeSaveLives

    Stationery Supplies

    KCS are a leading provider of stationery supplies to schools and business.  They are currently offering a supply service for parents should you require stationary while home schooling.

    Edenred FSM vouchers Letter - 24 June 2020

    Dear parent/carer, there is an important letter on our website regarding the change of FSM voucher provider to Edenred, and now includes details specific to the vouchers and a FAQ

    Bus Service Letter - 10 June 2020

    Dear parents/carers, there is an important letter on our website regarding the bus service that Brooke Weston Academy operates for the new academic year

    Please could you read the letter and complete the following survey to help us plan for next year: thank you for your support.

    Free School Meals Letter - 23 June 2020

    Dear parent/carer, there is an important letter on our website regarding the change of FSM voucher provider to Edenred. We will be in touch shortly to give you further details including instructions on how to use the vouchers.

    Free School Meals Letter - 19 June 2020

    Dear parent/carer, there is a letter on the Brooke Weston Academy website regarding free school meal eligibility. This letter highlights how to simply check your son/daughter’s eligibility for this service, and I would encourage you to do this if you feel that you might be eligible. 

    Important Term 5 Curriculum Letter - 29 May 2020

    Dear parent/carer, there is an important letter regarding your son/daughter’s Term 5 timetable and curriculum. This Term we are increasing online teaching and streamlining our provision to better support students. It is vitally important that they are engaging with their teachers and tutors over the course of Term 5. Please read the letter and share with your child.

    Term 5 Curriculum Letter to Parents

    Important Letter to Parents/Carers - 22 May 2020

    Dear parent/carer, an important letter regarding Term 5, online learning and the potential re-opening of schools to Year 10 and 12 has been uploaded to the website. Please can all parents read the letter and respond to various surveys in order to help us plan appropriately. Thank you for your continued support.

    EP-P Letter to Parents

    Potential Reopening of Schools - May 2020

    Dear parent/carer, A letter from the Trust about the potential reopening of schools has been uploaded to the website. Please read the links within the letter to be fully informed of the government’s position.

    Potential Reopening of Schools

    Y10 English work guidance 06-05-2020

    In addition to work being provided on Teams for our Year 10 students, we have also introduced a programme called Seneca to enhance their learning at home. Seneca is an online learning platform, whereby teachers can assign activities and tasks to students. This gives students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of a particular topic area and also provides teachers with their outcomes. This, in turn, clearly indicates strengths and target areas of each student and gives students the opportunity to revisit and consolidate past topic areas.

    As a department we are really encouraging students to interact with this as much as they can. Teachers have been (and will continue) to direct students to relevant tasks, all of which will support their learning. Currently, students can sign up for this using their BWA email address and can visit the Seneca website to access tasks. The instructions and reminders of how to do this is available to them on Teams. Alternatively, students can visit this site on their phones and add this to their home screen, so it acts like an app. The web address is:

    If students are having any difficulties with this, please ask them to contact their English teacher directly. Thank you for your ongoing support with this.

    Parental Survey May 2020

    As we reach the end of Term 4, we would like to capture feedback from parents regarding how the current systems of remote working have worked for you and your children. Please would you complete this short survey to allow us to review ready to move into Term 5.

    Parental Survey Response

    Oak National Academy 29-04-2020

    Brooke Weston Academy has a well-designed curriculum that is appropriate to the students we teach and their point in education within each subject. It is therefore important that students continue to engage with the work on Teams, but along with this fantastic remote curriculum we are also sharing the Oak National Academy supported by the DfE.

    The Oak National Academy has been set up to support students across the nation with their home learning and curriculums. The website, created by teachers across the nation, provides brilliant online lessons and resources for students. The BBC have also launched brilliant online lessons created by subject and educational experts to support students and parents with home learning. We hope that you find these websites a useful aid to support your child’s home learning along with, but not instead of, the work and resources set by our teachers at Brooke Weston Academy.’

    Principal to Parents Letter 14-04-2020

    Dear Parent/Carer,

    As we finish the Easter Bank holiday and head into the fourth week of Brooke Weston being closed, I thought it a good time to write, stay in touch and update you on a number of topics. I hope you and your families are safe and well. I am very aware that for many this is a time of anxiety and that members of the wider Brooke Weston community are dealing with illness, separation and job worries. I want you to know that we are here and want to help where we can.

    Thank you

    Can I start by thanking you for the kind messages of support both my staff and I have received. Each message is shared with the whole team and each time I receive messages back from staff thanking me for the message and telling me how much it meant to them. Like you, they are in lockdown at home and are missing their colleagues and students.

    If you would like to thank a member of staff, then the ‘Thank a teacher’ scheme is a brilliant place to start. Please to complete the application form at I want to thank all of the Brooke Weston Academy staff for their hard work, care and professionalism over this time.

    I also want to highlight how proud I was of the students during the closure. They reacted with their usual positivity, humour and ‘can do’ attitude. This is especially true of the Year 11 and 13 students who were, rightfully, anxious about what the closure would mean for their examinations. Please pass on a ‘remote’ well done from me.

    Update on Brooke Weston Academy

    Although the Academy is closed, we continue to operate a small staff to keep the school operational and more importantly to look after the children of key workers and some of our more vulnerable students. I say the Academy is closed, but that is far from the reality. In addition to the team working in school, we continue to operate our student care and safeguarding systems, teachers are creating lessons from home and support staff continue to prepare for us opening at some point. All of the staff have become overnight masters of Microsoft TEAMs and video calls!

    Brooke Weston Academy support to the NHS

    We have tried to answer the call from the NHS for any spare PPE we have and I am delighted to say we have made three donations of sterile gloves, eye protection, aprons, hand sanitiser and other items to Kettering General Hospital, Corby Community Hospital and a GP practice – we even managed some tea and donuts for the staff at KGH! I know all of us are so proud of our NHS staff, I recently heard them described as the ‘Spitfire pilots’ of this time and that seemed a perfect description to me. My friends in the NHS have shared with me how much the support has meant to them.

    Government Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

    I have seen with dismay, the food shortages in the media. I am pleased that this issue is starting to resolve itself. The Academy has worked hard to continue to provide meals to students eligible for Free School Meals and I am delighted that the Brooke Weston Trust has put a voucher scheme in place for four weeks, whilst the new government scheme was being launched. If you have any questions about the voucher scheme please email

    Home learning for students

    As I have previously mentioned, teachers are creating resources for their classes and placing these on Microsoft TEAMs. I know, from your messages, that many of you are really appreciative of this work and it is also helping to keep students in a routine and enjoying their academic studies. Continuing their work is especially important for students in years 10 and 12 who will enter their examinations year in September and will sit exams in May 2021.

    That said, I completely appreciate that we cannot replicate school at home and nor would I wish to do so. Many of us are trying to work from home, with partners also trying to work, children who need looking after and in some cases have illness to deal with. I trust parents to do what is right for their family in this time and I know that this will mean at times that students can work on their school studies and at other times this will not be possible. Speaking personally, both my wife and I are working from home with a 6-year-old and an 18 month old, both who have developed chicken pox over the last two weeks! We are grateful for the work my 6-year old’s school is sending, and trying to complete it when we can, but are focussing on keeping his maths and reading on track. We are also trying to see the positives in the current situation and are enjoying spending time together, eating together and playing in the garden together. We know that the current situation will end at some point, schools will re-open and academic life will re-start. When it does, you know that Brooke Weston Academy will do everything possible to help catch our students up on any work missed. I hope that reassures some parents about this issue.

    Please remember that Brooke Weston Academy is still working the usual term and holiday dates. Teachers will not be uploading work for the two week May holiday and we are not expecting students to do any work over the holidays.

    Ofqual announcement regarding Year 11 and 13 summer 2020 examinations

    For parents of students in Year 11 and 13, on Friday I published two important letters regarding the announcement from Ofqual (regulator who oversees the national examination process) in relation to GCSE and A level summer examinations. This information also applies to some Year 12 students for example core maths. It is important to note that the Academy or staff cannot respond to questions or release information about students’ grades.  I know that this is a difficult time, but it is important to remember that Ofqual have made it clear that their main focus is to be fair to students and ensure they are not disadvantaged. The whole education system is working hard to make sure students are looked after and able to move onto the next step of their education. 

    Change of Principal

    You will know that my last day as Principal of Brooke Weston Academy is Friday 8th May 2020. I will write again before I leave, but please be reassured that in the meantime I continue to lead the Academy and handover to my excellent replacement Mr Strydom who is the current Senior Vice Principal. 

    Thank you for your ongoing support for Brooke Weston Academy over this time.

    Yours sincerely

    P Kirkbride


    Ofqual GCSE and A Level Letter to parents - 10-04-2020

    COVID-19 - Free School Meals Update - 03-04-2020

    Free School Meal arrangements from Monday 6th April 2020

    Please visit for further information.

    Covid-19 Ofqual GCSE and A Level Guidance 03-04-2020

    Ofqual have today (03/04/20) set out details on how GCSE and A level grades will be awarded in the summer. Please see below Ofqual GCSE and A level guidance documents for your information. Please bear with us whilst we digest the contents. We will update you further in the coming weeks as more details emerge. ​​​

    Letter to students from Ofqual

    Ofqual guidance

    Bus Routes UpdateLetter 25-03-2020


    25 March 2020

    Dear Parent/Carer,

    I am writing to you about the Brooke Weston transport and how it will operate over the school closure period.

    Due to the school closure and the Government lockdown we have taken the decision to reduce the number of buses we operate each day. We will be reducing from 9 to 2 buses.

    The Academy is only open to a very small number of students. Children of key workers and vulnerable students. These student have now been identified and the changes below reflect their transport needs.

    The two new routes will be:

    Route one

    • Stop 1 - Northampton road/before the roundabout. (Formally Green one stop 4) new pickup time 7.40am.
    • Stop 2 - Rockingham road opposite Beeswing pub. (Formally Blue four stop 8) new pickup time 7.45am.
    • Stop 3 - Welland Vale Road/Ennerdale road. (Formally Yellow one stop six) new pickup time 8am.

    Route two.

    • Will remain Green three stop one at normal time.

    If you have any questions please contact the Academy on

    Yours sincerely

    Pete Kirkbride



    Residential Cancellation Letter 24-03-2020

    Contact: Mrs Waterson

    Ref: PKI/SNI

    24th March 2020


    Dear Parent/Guardian,

    I am writing in reference to the Brooke Weston Academy Residential trips 2020. Your child was due to attend one of the residential trips abroad this June. As you are aware, we are currently closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The Government has also advised all schools against all foreign travel.

    We have taken the advice from the government and made a decision to cancel all of our school residentials this academic year.

    We will be refunding all payments that parents have made to date. Refunds will be processed via WisePay in due course.

    Please ignore the final two internal payment dates. No further payments should be made to the school for the residential trips.

    I would like to thank you for your patience and support throughout the current situation we find ourselves in.

    If you have any queries in regards to the refunds please contact Claire Ducker, on

    Yours sincerely 

    P Kirkbride


    BWA COVID-19 School Closure Letter 23-03-2020


    Dear Parents/Carers, 


    The last week has been hugely challenging for the whole Brooke Weston Academy community. I am so proud of the incredible hard work of the entire staff team, the resilience of our students and the support we have received from our parents. Despite the current challenges, I know that this will pass and Brooke Weston Academy will be back open, ready to continue to provide an outstanding education to its students.  


    Brooke Weston Academy closed from Monday 23rd March 2020 


    As I am sure you aware, yesterday the Government announced that all schools will be closed from Monday 23rd March until further notice.  


    This means that Brooke Weston Academy will be closed from this date to all students except for the following students: 

    • All other children will need to stay at home and I would ask that you do not send your child to Brooke Weston Academy from Monday onwards.  

    The principle is that if children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. The Government is asking parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible – schools will remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend. 




    Safeguarding is at the heart of everything we do at Brooke Weston Academy. However, during such uncertain times and due to school closures, it is important that we ensure parents/carers know who to contact if they are concerned about the welfare or safety of a child.  


    If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child, please contact our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs). You can find their contact details on our school website   


    If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of a child out of school hours please contact the MASH team on 0300 126 1000 (option 1). Alternatively, you can e-mail them on   


    If you think a child is in immediate danger or missing, you should contact the police and/or an ambulance directly by phoning 999. 


    Student learning at home 


    We are committed to our aim that during this period of school closure we will provide the best possible learning opportunities for our students. It is imperative that we keep the school curriculum a part of our students’ day to ensure that there is limited disruption to your child’s learning, allowing them to carry on with their education with us as normal on return.  


    As a school we have put a comprehensive plan in place to ensure that a rich online curriculum can be delivered by our staff to our students for the duration of the school closure. All lessons and school resources will be made available and delivered to students via the software Microsoft Teams. Teachers and students have had training on the software. More details can be found in the Home Learning guide which is included with this letter. Today, KS3 students have been sent home with hard copies of Maths, English and Science work to complete.  


    Should you or your child have any queries in regards to Microsoft Teams please view the information on our website under “Students”. Links to the Teams folder are also supplied there along with student instructions: 


    If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, subjects or work, please contact your teacher in the first instance via email or Teams. However they may be unavailable, so in this instance please contact: 


    If you have issues with Teams or Office 365 please contact: 

    Please note: IT support cannot resolve issues with hardware or Internet at home. 


    School Transport 


    School buses will run as normal for the week commencing Monday 23rd March. Pick up and drop off timings remain the same. Once we have a clear understanding of the number of ‘key worker’ children attending the Academy we will make decisions about this transport and communicate this to you. 


    Year 11 and 13 


    This is an especially difficult time for our Year 11 and 13 students. The Government has announced that exams are not taking place during the usual examination period. Whilst we are awaiting the final guidance, they have been clear that students will get the qualifications they need to progress to both further and higher education. I have met with each of these year groups to provide reassurance and as soon as we have more information, we will communicate this to you. It goes without saying that we will do the very best that we can to support our Year 11 and 13 students during this uncertain time.  

    To be clear this applies to all examinations, including any due in Year 10 or Year 12. 


    Students who are in school 


    Students, who meet the Government criteria to be in the Academy, can attend as normal. They should be in school for 8.35am and the school day will finish at 4.05pm.  


    School buses will leave at 4.15pm daily and parents who collect their children should do so from 4.05pm promptly. There is no staying on after this time and there will be no after school clubs or activities.  


    Students do not have to be in school uniform, but should be dressed in smart casual that would meet our usual expectations for a non-uniform day. Students are to bring their school ID cards. 


    School meals will be available as usual. 


    Free School Meals 


    School meals will be provided to all students who are eligible for Free School Meals.  


    All Free School Meal students who are attending school because they are children of key workers or Children with Education Health Care Plans, Children who have contact with a Social Worker, e.g. ‘Children in Need’ or those on the Child Protection Register and any Children in Care (LAC) will have meals in school as normal. 


    Any Free School Meal students who are not in school, but whose parents would like to collect a packed lunch from school, will be able to do so from the Academy from 11AM pm daily, Monday to Friday. 


    The Government has suggested that they will be putting an alternative solution for Free School Meals in place shortly and we will communicate with you again once we know more.  


    Contact moving forward 


    The Brooke Weston Academy website is now a critical communication tool and I would ask that you check it daily for updates. The website is at  

    We are in a very fast moving situation and information can change daily. When we have updates, we will add information to the website. We will continue to use texts to keep you updated.  




    Please also keep updated on the Government information regarding Coronavirus on




    I want to finish by thanking you again for your fantastic support to both myself and the staff team over this time. I have received so many lovely comments from parents and they have made a real difference over this very busy week! I need to pay tribute to my amazing staff, both teaching and support, who came back from holiday on Monday and through herculean efforts have allowed us to stay open and be prepared to continue to educate our students at home going forward.  


    Please look after yourselves and your families during this uncertain time and we are looking forward to seeing all of our students back in Brooke Weston Academy as soon as is possible.  


    Yours sincerely 

    Pete Kirkbride 


    Useful Links and Information

    As a Trust, we know parents are having to make difficult decisions regarding isolating children and families as a result of Covid-19.  Please be assured we will authorise all such absences. Unfortunately Trust colleagues are unable to provide advice on on whether to isolate your child from school and it can only be a decision that parents can make for their own family. To assist parents, please see below links for further guidance: 

    Public Health England (PHE)-

    PHE Guidance on Social Distancing 

    NHS Guidance for Coronavirus

    Department for Education -

    The Department for Education has also launched a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and students can contact the helpline as above.

    19 March 2020 - Children of Keyworkers

    Dear Parent/Carer

    The government announced on Wednesday 18th March 2020 that all schools in the UK are to be closed to students, with the exception of children of 'key workers' and vulnerable children as defined by the government.  There should be clarity from the Department of Education over their precise definition of ‘vulnerable’ later today.

    In the meantime we need to get an accurate idea of the number of children we educate who are the ‘children of key workers’ as defined by the government – the Cabinet Office is due to confirm this later today.  It would help our hard pressed staff enormously if you could complete this short questionnaire by today (Thursday 19th March) at 5.00pm so we can work on having have the right resources to stay open. It is our expectation key workers will be required to verify their identity and occupation in some way by the government to ensure only children of those covered by the definition are in school.

    Please click this link to access the questionnaire

    Thank you for your co-operation. A quick response is much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    P Kirkbride


    18 March 2020 - Letter from the Brooke Weston Trust CEO for parents and carers​​ 

    Click here to view CEO letter for parents and carers.

    To access all previous communications relating to the Coronavirus and for further links and information please click here.

    18 March 2020 - Important CCF announcement

    In line with recent Government direction on the Covid-19 pandemic, all Army Cadet activity is to be suspended with immediate effect.

    Any face-to-face Army Cadet activities (including either cadets or CFAVs, and CTT support to CCF contingents) are to be cancelled or postponed with effect immediately.

    This encompasses all activity out to 30 April 20, including detachment evenings, residential weekends and camps, visits, sport, music, DofE and AT.

    Planning for cadet activities during May - August should continue, and a decision will be taken in late April with regard future activity and further direction given when the ongoing situation is more clear.

    Further updates will be issued in due course.

    18 March 2020 - Careers Fair cancelled

    Following yesterday’s latest Government advice that ‘everyone should avoid gatherings and crowded places’, and our increasing concern for the health and wellbeing of exhibitors, parents and students, we have regrettably made the decision to cancel next week’s Brooke Weston Careers Fair on March 24th.

    We will of course be in contact to reschedule this event once it is safe to do so.

    17 March 2020

    Dear Parents and Carers

    Yesterday (March 16th 2020) the government reviewed its response to the Covid-19 virus and introduced a series of significant measures to achieve greater social distancing, reduce all but essential travel and protect the most vulnerable groups in society.

    While they confirmed new measures have now been put in place, the government once again stated that:

    • UK schools should remain open and continue to operate as normally as possible at this time

    Our Brooke Weston Trust schools will continue to follow the government’s advice and will remain open until we are advised otherwise.

    At present there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 at any of our Brooke Weston Trust schools.

    Please ensure you keep familiar with the detail of the most up to date Public Health England advice which can be found here:

    We will continue to update you on the situation as new announcements are made by the government and want to reassure you that each school’s leadership team and the Brooke Weston Trust are preparing for all possible scenarios as best we can.

    Home learning

    We have various online platforms, non-digital resources and guidance to support learning that can be used to provide work to children at home. As you would expect, we are drawing up plans should home learning become necessary. We will explain what is on offer and how to access it at that time.

    Domestic trips, school events and sports fixtures

    School events are being assessed on a case-by-case basis. You will be kept informed of any changes to published events in the school calendar with as much notice as is possible. Please note that all sports fixtures have now been cancelled.

    Advice for all visitors to our school

    We have reinforced some basic hygiene principles and introduced additional measures, so please do not take offence if you are asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizing gel on visiting us. We would also remind visitors of the hygiene message, “catch it, bin it, kill it” in the event of coughing and sneezing. These restrictions are in place to protect our school community.

    We are aware parents are having to make difficult decisions regarding isolating their children and all siblings. Please be assured we will authorise all such absences.

    To read our previously published information regarding Covid-19 please click here.

    This is an extraordinary period of time for everyone, including schools. We will inevitably experience significant disruption to our normal routines, but we are doing everything we can to continue. I want to thank you again for your patience and understanding in helping to keep our school communities as safe as possible.

    Dr Andrew Campbell


    Brooke Weston Trust

    13 March 2020

    Dear Parents and Carers

    You may be aware that the government met yesterday to review its response to the Covid-19 virus.

    While they confirmed new measures have now been put in place, most importantly the government confirmed that:

    • UK schools should remain open and continue to operate normally at this time

    Brooke Weston Academy will continue to follow the government’s advice and will remain open until we are advised otherwise.

    At present there are no confirmed cases of Covid-19 at any of our Brooke Weston Trust schools.

    Please ensure you are familiar with the detail of the most up to date Public Health England advice which can be found here:

    Families who may recently have travelled abroad should make absolutely certain they are following the Public Health England guidance for returning travellers.

    The government did announce an additional measure for schools that means:

    • School trips abroad will not be permitted

    As we have several overseas trips planned, we will be liaising with travel companies in the next few days and will then communicate separately to all those who have signed up for trips later this year.

    We will continue to update you on the situation as new announcements are made by the government and want to reassure you that the school’s leadership team and the Brooke Weston Trust are preparing for all possible scenarios:

    Home learning

    We have various online platforms, non-digital resources and guidance to support learning that can be used to provide work to children at home. As you would expect, we are drawing up plans should home learning become necessary. We will explain what is on offer and how to access it at that time.

    Domestic trips, school events and sports fixtures

    All domestic trips and school events will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. You will be kept informed of any changes to published events in the school calendar with as much notice as is possible. Public Health England have not yet advised us to cancel sports fixtures, but in accordance with their advice on hand washing, all players, coaching staff and supporters should expect to be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizing gel on arrival and after their fixture.

    Advice for all visitors to our school

    We have reinforced some basic hygiene principles and introduced additional measures, so please do not take offence if you are asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizing gel on visiting us. We would also remind visitors of the hygiene message, “catch it, bin it, kill it” in the event of coughing and sneezing. These restrictions are in place to protect our school community.

    The latest advice requires anyone who has flu-like symptoms, a cough, breathlessness or a raised temperature above 37.8 degrees Celsius to stay at home and self-isolate for a week.

    For previous Coronavirus information we have published please click here.

    This is an extraordinary period of time for everyone, including schools, and I want to thank you for you continued patience and understanding in helping to keep our school community as safe as possible.

    Yours faithfully

    Pete Kirkbride.

    12 March 2020

    Brooke Weston Trust schools are monitoring the current situation regarding Covid-19 contingency planning carefully and seeking advice from relevant authorities.

    Further information will be published tomorrow in light of any decisions taken by Government this afternoon. All further communications will be published via our school websites.

    5 March 2020

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    We continue to monitor and follow the advice of Public Health England in relation to the COVID-19 virus. Personal hygiene continues to be promoted as the most important way we can tackle COVID-19, especially washing hands more. We will continue to promote this in school. Please can you discuss the importance of this with your child at home to encourage thorough and frequent hand washing to help prevent the spread of all respiratory viruses.

    There are general principles anyone can follow to help prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, including:

    • Washing your hands often - with soap and water, or use alcohol sanitiser if handwashing facilities are not available. This is particularly important after taking public transport.
    • Covering your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throwing the tissue in a bin. See Catch it, Bin it, Kill it
    • Pupils, students, staff and visitors should wash their hands:
      • before leaving home
      • on arrival at school
      • after using the toilet
      • at breaks and after sporting activities
      • before food preparation
      • before eating any food, including snacks
      • before leaving school
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

    Thank you for continuing to work with us to safeguard the health of our communities.

    26 February 2020

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    Please be reassured that our school is following the guidance set out by Public Health England (PHE) regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19). We strongly recommend that all parents/carers and students familiarise themselves with the guidance. We have instructed all our staff to do likewise. Our aim is that all members of our school communities are well informed and aware how to slow the spread of germs.

    The government stance remains that you should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching Coronavirus. There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend their school as normal. However we would particularly urge you to read the Government advice regarding travellers returning to the UK.

    Latest Public Health England Guidance

    The latest guidance from Public Health England can be accessed through this link (click here).

    Latest NHS information

    The latest NHS information about how you can reduce the possible spread of infection can be found below, please check regularly for updates:

    Brooke Weston Trust will continue to monitor the situation and communicate any further advice that is released to schools. We understand you may have questions or concerns at this time, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish. Thank you for working with us to safeguard the health of our communities.

    Best wishes

    Pete Kirkbride, Principal.

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  • Believe Big at our Trust secondaries

    Published 25/02/20

    Believe Big has been launched across our secondary schools with Year 7 students vying to come up with innovative and potentially life-changing inventions.

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  • Book Fair and Design a Book competition at BWA

    Published 18/02/20

    Brooke Weston Academy is holding a Book Fair each day in the Library until 24 February so that students can buy the latest books, stationery and posters.

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  • BWA students take part in Harry Potter celebrations

    Published 11/02/20

    Magical potions, an invisibility cloak, Quidditch pong and 'Pin the nose on Voldemort' were just a few of the highlights of ‘Harry Potter Night’ that our students attended at Corby Business Academy.

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  • BWA and CTS students visit web design company

    Published 11/02/20

    Year 13 Computer Science students from Brooke Weston Academy and Corby Technical School had an insight into a leading web design company when they visited MMT Digital.

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  • Iulia competes in World Cup archery competitions

    Published 07/02/20

    Champion archer Iulia Petre recently represented Great Britain in World Cup competitions in France and Germany.

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  • Record number of BWA students sign up to stem cell register

    Published 05/02/20

    Students at Brooke Weston Academy have signed up to be potential lifesavers as part of a campaign to educate young people about blood, organ, and stem cell donation.

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  • Year 7 student meets Polish president

    Published 04/02/20

    Year 7 student Wiktoria Malaga from Brooke Weston Academy met the Polish president and toured the presidential palace after he made a surprise visit to her town’s fire station.

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