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Tesco’s fishmongers demonstrate techniques to BWA students

Zane Doe and Tanya Walker, from Tesco’s superstore in Corby, demonstrated fish filleting and brought along fresh mackerel so that food technology students could try the techniques themselves.

Zane, who has been a fishmonger for five years, showed two different ways of filleting, one with the head intact, which makes it easier and the second where it is removed.

He said: ‘The secret to filleting is sharp knives and a clean cut and you learn the techniques over time.’

Tanya has been in the profession for two years: ‘I was first on the butchery counter but I always preferred fish because I liked preparing my own fish. I was gutting them even before I worked for Tesco. Sea bream are the hardest to prepare as they have spines on their fins which are very sharp. Our best-selling one is definitely salmon and fish is popular because it is healthy and there are lots of great recipes. I would recommend being a fishmonger as a job as it is a good skill, you get to know your regular customers and you are always learning new things.’

Food technology teacher Mrs Chiremba said: ‘The students found the filleting fascinating and, due to Tesco’s generosity in supplying extra fish, they were able to have a go themselves. We are very grateful that Zane and Tanya were able to come into the school as they normally do in-store demonstrations. Practical sessions are always very valuable for students, particularly as they are preparing for exams so we are grateful for Tesco’s generosity and for Zane and Tanya for taking the time to visit us.’

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