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Business, Computing and IT

Business is a thriving subject at Brooke Weston with it consistently being a subject of choice at GCSE options.

The aim of the Business is to inspire learners to think critically about, and appreciate, their role in our local, national and global business environment. Learners will develop skills and techniques which can be applied to any future career prospect.

Studying Business will help learners to develop many transferable skills such as working with others, problem solving, risk taking and independent learning. Ultimately it will enable learners to become effective researchers and analysts who can evaluate information and situations.

We offer a range of Business options from solely exam content qualifications through to vocational qualifications which embed a coursework and workplace element. All of our staff are experienced and highly qualified and offer examiner insights for the department.

Business Intent

The Business department at Brooke Weston aims to develop young business students and knowledgeable entrepreneurs. With a combination of teacher led delivery, independent research, teamwork and presentation activities we aim to complement the employability skills that they are developing in other subject areas as well as prepare students for the everyday world of working within or running an organisation.

Student Vision.

· to develop students as knowledgeable potential future entrepreneurs

· to provide students with a key understanding of business terminology, concepts, objectives and the nature of business activity.

· to allow students to explore real life business issues and scenarios

· to provide students with an insight into how this subject is going to be useful in their chosen next steps in life

· to compliment students employability skills

· to prepare students for the everyday life of working for or running their own business

IT and Computer Science Intent Statement

The ICT and Computer Science curriculum aims to equip students with both theoretical and practical skills and tools, preparing them for future study and employment. We want to develop independent learners who are proficient in using IT skills effectively and efficiently to solve problems and present competent solutions. We also give them a theoretical framework about how computers work and how technology integrates into society considering trends and future developments.

We want students to develop:

•  An awareness of how to use computers safely and have an awareness in order to minimise the potentials risks

•  An organised way of working using technology

•  A creative and algorithmic approach to solutions

• An ability to use their skills holistically across the school

• Their employability skills using a range of different software

Overall we want to instil a passion for the subject enabling synergistic relationships with other subjects to create both hard and soft IT skills with a net effect of using technology to it optimum.

The Team

Jodie Bellamy

Head of Business and IT

Stuart Kelly

Lead of Business 

Cheryl Lawson-Johnson

Teacher of ICT and Computer Science

Caity Brennan

Teacher of Business

Dave Clarke

Teacher of Business and ICT

Valencia Lavia

Teacher of ICT and Computer Science 

Damian Van Wyk

Teacher of Business


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