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CDI Careers Development Framework 

'Career describes our journey through life, learning and work. We need actively to develop our careers to make the best of them. This process of career development takes skill as well as knowledge and the right attitude. Individuals need to work on career development skills throughout their lives'. CDI

Brooke Weston continues to embrace the Gatsby Benchmarks, an evidence-based approach to designing and delivery of our career development programmes. The new CDI Careers Development Framework (launched April 2021) supports our pupils to understand that career is multifaceted and complex. It is not just a process of choosing a job early in life. It is about ongoing learning which begins at school and continues throughout life. 

The Gatsby Benchmarks tell us what a career programme should include, while the CDI Career Development Framework allows us to define what Ofsted describes as intent (what we are hoping to achieve through the programme). It also provides additional clarity about implementation by helping to define the content of the programme and in the measurement of impact as it clarifies what our pupils know and can do at the end of this process.

We review & add content to this page on a regular basis. The next full audit will take place in December 2023

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