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Emergency Evacuation and Routes

All persons must vacate the building immediately by the nearest external exit and promptly report to their nominated fire assembly point.

Emergency Evacuation

Students participating in examinations will remain in the designated examination area (if it is safe to do so) until they are escorted to Assembly Point 3 by the Examination Officer(s). The examination area will be secured and remain locked by the Building Manager(s) until the situation is resolved.

Assembly Point 1 Large Artificial Pitch
Assembly Point 2 Small Artificial Pitch

Green evacuation signs showing the nearest available routes to exit the building are located in all corridors.

Disabled persons on the first floor are to be accompanied to the nearest staircase and their evacuation supervised by a member of staff. The lift is not to be used during an Emergency Evacuation.

The Vice Principals are responsible for clearing both floors (including toilets) of each block. When all persons have evacuated the building, they should ensure that all windows and doors are closed if it is safe to do so.

A nominated person (receptionist) is to dial 999, ask for the Fire Service and inform them of an emergency evacuation at:

Brooke Weston Academy
Coomb Road
Great Oakley
NN18 8LA

The list of absent persons and those who have left/entered the building will be brought out of the office by the receptionist and handed to the Office Manager who along with a Vice Principal will conduct a role check.

Students, staff, support staff and technicians will assemble in departmental groups on the artificial pitches. Heads of Departments will be responsible for checking those present and reporting any absences to the Vice Principal.

Missing students, staff and visitors recorded by Heads of Department must be checked against the list of absent persons and those who have left/entered the building.

Visitors will assemble just inside the gates of the large artificial pitch and those present will be checked against the visitor’s registration book. In the event that the roll call not matching those registered as in attendance the Principal will report this immediately to the Fire Service.

Nobody is to re-enter the building until the Fire Service senior officer has given clearance to do so.

On re-entering the building students taught on the first floor will enter by the front doors and those taught on the ground floor will enter by the rear doors.

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