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English and Media Department

We are proud to be a department which encourages and supports all pupils to achieve and exceed their aspirations through offering opportunities across a range of disciplines: Literature, Language and Media Studies. As a team, we are driven by the pursuit of creating an ever-evolving curriculum which allows staff to deliver inspiring lessons which are both engaging and culturally relevant for our young people.

Our curriculum is underpinned by the following five principles:

Empowerment: The sequencing of our curriculum empowers every student to recognise, use and craft language as a tool to become articulate and confident communicators of the future.

Independence: Our knowledge and word-rich curriculum is underpinned with the intent to build on our student’s cultural capital to enable them to become independent, critical and evaluative thinkers of the 21st century.

Equality: The breadth and depth of our ambitious and diverse curriculum ensures all students, regardless of background, are equipped with the skills and knowledge to strive for academic excellence.

Craftsmanship: Our seven year curriculum, provides students with the opportunity to celebrate and replicate writer’s craft across 500 years which facilitates a deep and rich understanding of literature.

Reflection: We believe that our curriculum should be organic and evolve alongside society, challenging bias, discrimination and prejudice in order to support the holistic development of our students.

All of these skills ensure that students are rigorously prepared for the new GCSEs in Language, Literature and Media Studies with further opportunities to pursue these subjects at A-Level. We look forward to welcoming you to the department and hope to inspire in you the same passion that we all have for our subject.

English and Media Intent

Founded on the five principles of Empowerment, Independence, Equality, Craftsmanship and Reflection, our English curriculum ensures that our student’s literary and linguistic educational journey is at the heart of everything we do and offer. The breadth and depth of our deliberate 7-year sequenced curriculum empowers and enthuses all students, regardless of individual starting points and inclusive of all backgrounds, to flourish beyond the walls of their Brooke Weston education. From entry to exit, the thread of educational excellence is woven into the fabric of our curriculum through exposing our students to literary craft from an array of genres, time periods and cultures. Our intent is to equip each student with the ability to illustrate their innate understanding of belonging. Through promoting literacy skills into each lesson, we support students to become word-rich and articulate users of language, and in turn sensitive, lifelong learners and thinkers with aspirational futures.

The Team

Emily O'Keeffe

Assistant Principal (currently on Maternity Leave)

Rebecca Liquorish

Head of Department

Leah Patterson

Second in Department

Rebecca Jones

Teacher of English and KS5 Lead (currently on Maternity Leave)

Jamie Jones

Associate Assistant Principal

Lauren Fitzjohn

Teacher of English, Literacy Lead

Victoria Stevens

Teacher of English and Media

Sarita Walvin

Teacher of English (Maternity KS5 Lead)

James Browning

Key Stage 3 Lead, Teacher of English and Media  

Charlee Broad

Teacher of English


Ravi Lakhani

Teacher of English and Media


Steffie Dixon

Professional Tutor


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