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Key Stage 4 Results

Students and staff at Brooke Weston Academy are celebrating another year of outstanding GCSE examination results. This year 85% of Year 11 students secured grades 9 to 4 in English, 85% in Mathematics and 91% in Science. The new ‘strong pass’ or grade 5 also saw impressive outcomes with 73% in English, 69% in Mathematics and 82% in Science. 32% of all grades were awarded A*/A, or the new equivalent 9 to 7 measure, and over 8% achieved the new ‘A**’ grade 9 with 126 grades awarded across all subjects.

This pattern of exceptional performance has continued in a time of significant reform to the current GCSE system and we are proud of the hard work and resilience that our students have demonstrated.

Measure Outcome National
Progress 8 0.61 0.0
Attainment 8 55.5 44.5
Grade 5 or above in English and maths 65% 40%
EBacc at grade 5/C or above 34% 16.7%
EBacc average point score 5.26 3.85
Staying in education or entering employment 98% 94%

Further information on the national performance tables website.

Whilst we are very proud of the achievements of all our students, within these results there have been exceptional individual performances that deserve particular mention. Amongst our highest performing students this year were Emily Brown, Rajan Khunti, Ella Brereton and Abbie Wallace with nine A*/9/8 grades each. Kirndeep Dhassi, Angela Oljaca and Oliver Steel also performed exceptionally well with 29 A*/9/8 grades between them.

Principal, Pete Kirkbride, said: ‘Once again I am completely delighted with the Brooke Weston Academy results and it gives me huge pleasure to congratulate all of our students on their fantastic achievements. The success of our students is a testament to their determination, especially with the more challenging reformed GCSEs. I remain tremendously proud that we continue the mission to ensure that every student, regardless of their starting point when they arrive at Brooke Weston Academy, maximises every opportunity to make exceptional progress. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff and parents for their relentless support. I feel privileged to be part of such an inspiring school community.’

Key Stage 5 Results

Brooke Weston Academy is celebrating another successful year of Post-16 examination results with outcomes remaining strong in the new harder reformed linear courses.

We are incredibly proud of the attainment of our students with 81% A*-C across all subjects and 53% of all entries being graded at A*/A/B at A Level only. Nine subjects increased their A*/A/B outcomes for students in comparison to last year.

Our vocational students performed exceptionally well with all students achieving either a Distinction *, Distinction or Merit in newly reformed subjects being taken for the first time this year.

Measure Outcome National
A Level Progress -0.01 0.0
A Level Average Result C+ C+
A Level Average Points 31.79 33.33
Retention 82.9% 80.9%
Applied Progress 0.37 0.0
Applied Average Result Dist- Merit+
Applied Average Points 31.79 28.45
Retention 89.5% 80.0%
Staying in education or entering employment 96% 89%
English average progress SUPP 0.06
Maths average progress SUPP 0.05

Further information on the national performance tables website.

The two top performing students studied five A Levels each achieving nine A*/A grades between them. They will go on to study Engineering and Mathematics at University. A further four students achieved eleven A*/A or equivalent grades, which is a tremendous achievement and many other students achieved exceptional individual results.

Over 80% of our students this year are going onto university with the remainder opting for professional or vocational apprenticeships.

Principal Pete Kirkbride said, ‘Once again the whole Brooke Weston team is absolutely delighted with the results and I am so proud of our Year 13 students. The hard work and dedication of students and the tireless support of their teachers has resulted in another fantastic set of results for Brooke Weston Academy. This is especially impressive given this year’s extensive reforms to both the A level and Vocational courses, making them even more challenging. These results are the culmination of an amazing team effort between the students, parents and all of the staff at Brooke Weston Academy. We wish all of our students every success in the future.’

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