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Key Stage 4 Results 2021/22

Students and staff at Brooke Weston Academy are celebrating another year of outstanding GCSE examination results. This year 84% of Year 11 students secured grades 9 to 4 in English and 80% in Mathematics. The new ‘strong pass’ or grade 5 also saw impressive outcomes with 77% in English and 67% in Mathematics. 34% of all grades were awarded 9 to 7, and over 10% achieved grade 9 with 112 grades awarded across all subjects.

This pattern of exceptional performance has continued in a time of significant reform to the current GCSE system and we are proud of the hard work and resilience that our students have demonstrated.

Measure Outcome National
Progress 8 0.62 -0.03
Attainment 8 55.88 48.77
Grade 5 or above in English and maths 65% 50%
Percentage of students entering EBacc 69% 39%
EBacc at grade 5 or above 43% 20%
EBacc average point score 5.20 4.27
Staying in education or entering employment 98% 94%

Further information on the national performance tables website.

Key Stage 5 Results 2021/22

Brooke Weston Academy is celebrating another successful year of Post-16 examination results with outcomes remaining strong in the new harder reformed linear courses.

We are incredibly proud of the attainment of our students with 88% A*-C across all subjects and 53% of all entries being graded at A*/A/B. 

Measure Outcome National
A Level Progress NA NA
A Level Average Result B B
A Level Average Points 38.72 39.04
Retention 94.9% 91.3%
Applied Progress NA NA
Applied Average Result Dist+ Dist
Applied Average Points 38.08 31.98
Retention 35.0% 86.5%
Staying in education or entering employment 94% 81%
English average progress SUPP 0.13
Maths average progress SUPP 0.08

Further information on the national performance tables website.

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