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Expectations in the Library

Expectations of behaviour

  1. The library is an area for quiet and individual study only. If you wish to talk or work with friends on a project, there are comfortable seating areas located on the upper floor of Brooke Weston or study areas in most departments.
  2. No food, drink or chewing gum should be taken into the library; except bottled water.
  3. Mobile phones should be left in lockers (Sixth Form students may use phones to access work and listen to music with headphones)
  4. Please do not bring bags into the Library; they should be left in lockers.
  5. Please show respect and consideration for others by: entering and exiting quietly; being respectful and polite to staff; listening to and following instructions given by staff.
  6. Please leave the library area tidy by:
    • Returning used books to the shelves
    • Putting your rubbish in the bin
    • Logging out of the computer
    • Putting your chair under the table

Borrowing resources

Once you have chosen the resource(s) you wish to borrow, take them to the Issue Desk and the Librarian will use your ID Card to log the details into the computerised system.

The item(s) will be stamped with the date to be returned by, at which point you should either return it/them or see the Librarian to renew it/them.

Returning resources

Please give items to the library staff at the desk. If staff are unavailable leave items on the "Returns Desk" or place in "Returns Box".

Overdue items

The library does not charge for overdue items; however after a series of reminders, it is presumed that the stock has been lost and the full cost of the item(s) will be charged.

The procedure for chasing overdue items for students is as follows:

  • reminders via form tutor.
  • email to student recalling item.
  • One email/letter to parents/guardians informing of a charge to the student's account.

The procedure for chasing overdue items for staff is as follows:

  • Two email reminders.
  • One email requesting payment.

Occasionally, the department a member of staff belongs to will be charged for lost items.

Brooke Weston staff and students are able to make requests for resources by filling in request slips which are available from the Issue Desk. All requests are considered, and prompt replies are made on the outcome.

Online Catalogue

Access-It enables borrowers to search for resources, reserve, check their own borrowing details and write their own reviews for other users (24 hour universal access).


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