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Design and Technology 

The Brooke Weston Design & Technology team, are comprised of committed, passionate and dedicated experts in their respective fields, bringing a wealth of academic excellence and industrial knowledge into the classroom. We are extremely proud to offer our students a challenging and rewarding experience in a range of design disciplines. Our purpose built Design and Technology workshops, Food Preparation Kitchen and Textiles areas contain all the latest technology and equipment one would expect to see in an outstanding school. Students have full access to a wide range of creative processes, techniques and technologies. Our expectations are high and students rise to the challenge by creating innovative, imaginative and highly creative design ideas for a range of products. We are proud of our students who have secured placements in many leading universities to study Industrial Design; Architecture; degree level Apprenticeships in Food science and Engineering.

Design and Technology Intent

Design & Technology’s intention is to prepare students to creatively solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others needs and wants. We teach students how to use a range of materials and tools in the workshop and students understand its wider impact on the environment and prepare them for the yet, unforeseen, creative and engineering opportunities that will arise during the emergence of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Students will also learn about Food preparation and Nutrition and will have the knowledge and skills to make healthy meals and explore what a healthy balanced diet involves through studying the eatwell guide.

The Team


Jennifer Holland

Faculty Lead

Jenny Strydom

Head of Design Technology

Gareth Van Wyk

Engineering Lead

Jonathan Browne

Teacher of Design Technology

Assistant Principal

Natasha Chiremba

Teacher of Food Technology

Darren Hooper

Senior Design Technology Technician

Ruth McKinnell

Food Technician


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