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Humanities Department

The humanities are traditional subjects which are held in high regard as academic disciplines and are therefore looked upon very favourably by both employers and universities.

The humanities department offers GCSEs in Geography, History and Religious Studies. These subjects develop our knowledge and understanding of human behaviour and its consequences for others and the world we live in. They teach us to appreciate different cultures and beliefs and to understand the world around us. In addition all pupils engage in the content of the short course GCSE in Religious Studies in which pupils will consider the beliefs and practises of two religions, investigate ethical and philosophical issues and gain knowledge and understanding to make their own informed decisions.

The Humanities department offers a range of humanities and social science subjects at GCE A Level. The A Level subjects taught in the department are traditional subjects which are held in high regard as academic disciplines and are, therefore, looked upon very favourably by both employers and universities. All Humanities subjects focus on human behaviour and experience and through studying them you will gain knowledge and understanding of different cultures and beliefs and a better understanding of current world issues. They also develop essential study skills, such as critical and creative thinking, debating and evaluating.

Humanities Intent

In the Humanities faculty we provide a knowledge rich and rigorous academic curriculum underpinned by high expectations which empowers students with an understanding of their sense of place in the world as global citizens. Led by curiosity, students will be a part of a generation ready to make positive change through their critical analysis of global, complex and contemporary issues, processes of change, the journey of humanity and their responsibility for the future of society. Students will develop a deep and rich understanding of identity, diversity and their sense of self enabling them to evaluate and debate challenging enquiries and engage in enrichment opportunities across the breadth of Humanities subjects.

The Team


Sean Houghton

Director of Humanities

Tom Sycamore-Howe

Second in Humanities

Adam Marriott

Director of Religious Studies & PSHE

Natalie Polley

Head of History

Lewis Holdcroft

Head of Social Science

Eloise Scarth

Head of Geography

Matt Reay

Teacher of Humanities

Rebecca Waterson

Teacher of History

Senior Vice Principal

Adelle Northern

Teacher of History

Assistant Principal

Harry James

Teacher of History

Ana Fita

Teacher of Social Science

Rebecca Tailby

Teacher of Social Science

Amrit Kaur

Teacher of Humanities

Carlien Fourie

Teacher of Geography



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