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Modern Foreign Languages Department

Our dynamic MFL department offers a window into the rest of the world. With four native speakers and the fresh outlook of our foreign language assistant, the MFL team has a wide breadth of knowledge. Student feedback reflects our continued popularity within the school thanks to the enjoyable and lively nature of lessons as well as strong staff-student relationships.

For detailed information on specifications refer to the Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5 prospectus.

Our enthusiastic department offers an outstanding curriculum and great support for our students who have always performed well in Languages. We are passionate about opening students’ horizons and preparing them for higher education and the world of work through a positive experience of learning foreign languages. We all believe that the experience from the classroom is the starting point of something much bigger and that language learning is a skill which will bring our students much confidence and opportunities to develop and eventually be fluent. After school sessions are offered throughout the year to give extra support for students who want to benefit from the help that can be given in smaller groups.

Our results have proven to be well above the national average for over 10 years and students know that they can achieve in the subject. We aim to continue to provide an excellent offer and to develop the number of languages on offer. Many of our former students have moved and found exciting employments abroad and keep in touch to share their progress with us. It is heart-warming to know that we have played a part in their love for the language taught.

MFL Intent

The curriculum opens itself to the discovery of culture in French and Spanish speaking countries covering wide topics such as cultural values and cultural issues later in the sixth form. Students will see life from a different perspective, giving them an insight into the opportunities offered around the world.

The Team

Nadege Price

Head of MFL and French

Maria Igoa

Teacher of Spanish

Victoria Leonard

Teacher of French

Celia Prats

Head of Spanish

Esther Taylor

Teacher of French

For detailed information regarding the curriculum refer to documents below.

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