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Personal Development (PD) is fundamental in meeting the school values and beyond, it builds confident, resilient, ambitious, socially and morally astute individuals, confident communicators who are ready to embrace life beyond school. The curriculum is responsive to meet the needs of pupils ensuring that all statutory elements and beyond are met. As part of the provision the most vulnerable learners get a bespoke provision which supports their personal development.

At Brooke Weston Academy the PSHE curriculum has three main purposes and intentions that are valuable for our students and society to support them in their long term development beyond the classroom. These are;

  • To build positive characteristics in the modern world
  • To encourage and develop critical and analytical thinkers that are confident communicators
  • To prepare pupils to be respectful and successful 21st century individual

The Curriculum

Rights, responsibilities and values

Throughout this unit of study across pupils time at Brooke Weston pupils will explore and study what is expected of Brooke Weston Citizens. Pupils will have knowledge of how the United Kingdom is governed and how to participate in democracy. Pupils will also learn about governance beyond the United Kingdom. This is inclusive of the role of law considering things such as the age of criminal responsibility, the role of the police, the purpose of stop and search and the role of human rights in the wider world amongst many others. In addition pupils will look at political debates and issues. Throughout this module the core British values are embedded and revisited. Pupils will also explore and look at the importance of money management and how to ensure that they know how to budget and are prepared for adult life.

Mental health and wellbeing

The PSHE content on mental health and wellbeing is of vital importance. The content is delivered to age appropriate levels whilst being responsive to whole school, local and national needs. The knowledge acquired over the time at Brooke Weston will support pupils to take steps to protect and support their mental wellbeing. Pupils will always be directed to where to find support and how to ensure that they protect their mental health through resilience. Pupils are taught about overcoming challenges and changes such as puberty, exam stress and other age related emotional difficulties. Pupils are also taught through a factual informative approach about the more serious mental and physical health conditions such as depression, anorexia and anxiety.

Relationships and sex education

The content for Relationship and Sex education is delivered through age appropriate content building upon the study of RSE from primary school. The core aim of RSE is to ensure that pupils get information to develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds not just committed intimate relationships. In addition pupils are made aware of the law and support available to them when they need it. As the government report in Experiences of Relationships and Sex Education and sexual risk taking available here suggests that pupils who receive robust relationships and sex education are less likely to take undertake risky behaviour in relationships. This rationale is vitally important in the curriculum. The lessons are delivered in a factual, non-judgemental way to allow pupils to ask questions in a safe environment. These lessons are responsive to the needs of pupils to ensure that pupils are safeguarded against risks. The lessons support pupils throughout life and allow pupils to have flourishing relationships of all kinds to support in mental wellbeing and in cultivation of resilience and character building. Throughout the curriculum pupils are taught to understand human sexuality in an inclusive way and to be respectful of this. The lessons are inclusive of a wide ranging opinions and perspectives on this ensuring that pupils are well informed to make decisions, whether this be from a legal, religious, moral or cultural perspective. The content covers, but not limited to; grooming, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, coercive behaviour, female genital mutilation, peer on peer abuse, sexual harassment, contraception, decisions around sex and healthy relationships.

Life beyond school

Pupils through the PSHE curriculum need to be made aware of life outside of school. Through the life beyond schools module pupils will explore ideas which broaden pupils understanding beyond the statutory provision of RSE. Pupils will explore rights of others and particular groups through case studies. Pupils will look at their future physical, mental health and wellbeing. This also embeds skills within the pupils such as anger management, dealing with emotions in the outside world to being critical of fake news and beyond.


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Staying safe on and offline

At the heart of PSHE at Brooke Weston is ensuring the safety of pupils in a diverse world both on and offline. Pupils will engage with wide ranging materials and topics throughout this module encompassing the ideas of ‘safeguarding’ and where to find support if pupils or when they become adults need it. These include but not limited to; peer on peer abuse, sexual abuse, FGM, HBV, money management, domestic abuse, drugs, intimate relationships, bullying, coercive behaviour, gangs, county lines, safe and unsafe online behaviour, radicalisation and others. These element are always responsive to the needs of the pupils at Brooke Weston Academy. This responsive element ensures that the curriculum is meeting the needs of pupils at all times. This facilitates pupils’ knowledge on how to be safe in the world beyond school and into adulthood.

Celebrating diversity

Across the curriculum not only during the PSHE lessons there is a diversity in all aspects of the curriculums at Brooke Weston. The topic of celebrating diversity is threaded through the curriculum and not ever taken as standalone lessons. Diversity in all its forms is visited and revisited. The curriculum cumulatively builds towards challenging issues and debates in wider society. The curriculum includes but is not limited to, black history month, pride, protected characteristics and attitudes to prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination.

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