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Performing Arts Department

Performing arts is an exciting, vibrant and creative department consisting of experienced specialists in each subject area who offer Dance, Drama and Music from Key Stage 3 through to GCSE.  As well as an extensive curriculum, we also offer a wide variety of elective activities, visits to the theatre and other professional performances, and workshops with professional practitioners.

The department features a fully equipped dance studio with sprung floor and surround sound system, a drama studio with a fully equipped lighting rig and surround sound system, a music room with music recording equipment studio, and music practice rooms which are resourced with a wide range of instruments.

The arts are fundamental in providing you with vital life skills such as; creativity and the ability to express yourself, improved physical skills, confidence, better leadership and presentation skills, more effective problem solving and decision making skills, perseverance, concentration, the ability to collaborate and responsibility.  Participation not only enhances academic ability, it can also improve academic performance.

Performing Arts Intent

Performing arts is a physical, mental, and emotional journey of personal development and human connection, fundamental to the growth and development of all students. The desire to express our culture, emotions, and beliefs is part of what makes us human and performing arts teaches us how do this, whilst fostering our compassion and empathy towards each other, informing our sense of humanity.

At Brooke Weston, we believe that our students deserve a rich and diverse cultural education, regardless of individual starting points and inclusive of all backgrounds, enabling them to unlock their innate creativity and become more rounded and confident human beings, and so our purpose in the Performing Arts department is to nurture passionate, imaginative and inquisitive individuals who are equipped with a wide-ranging world-view combined with a strong sense of self-worth, confidence, and their place in society. Our curriculum empowers students to think creatively and critically, to reason and ask questions, to adapt and solve problems, to explore and understand social and cultural issues, and to effect change through creativity, providing them with essential skills that can be applied to every aspect of life.

Founded on the core components of performance, composition and appreciation, the curriculum ensures that practical work is at the heart of every lesson and supports students in writing analytically, crafting critical responses and accurately employing subject related terminology. Progression is ensured through the schemes of work, which introduce and then build upon key vocabulary, knowledge, skills, and techniques learnt through a range of creative styles, genres and practitioners. This is enriched with opportunities to work with professional practitioners, experience live performance, and participate in extra-curricular activities to develop students’ professionalism and furnish their understanding of how the Performing Arts industry operates in today’s society.

The Team


Dawn Willis

Director of Performing Arts

Sophie Jackson

Music Lead & Teacher of Music

Hannah Hine

Teacher of Drama


Enrichment Opportunities

Other opportunities in Performing Arts also include involvement in dance, drama and music clubs, peripatetic lessons in a wide variety of instruments, the chance to be involved in productions both on and off stage, extensive performance opportunities at a variety of events and a range of exciting employment opportunities in the future.

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