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Physical Education Department

Sport plays an integral part of school life here at Brooke Weston Academy. We provide the opportunity for students to experiment and take part in a range of sports to find at least one they fall in love with to continue throughout their life.

For detailed information on specifications refer to the Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5 prospectus.

A range of sports are covered including swimming, badminton, trampolining, basketball, football and netball to name a few. As a school we fully understand that sport is about developing a student as a whole. In lessons they can take on many roles within lessons depending on their strengths. They can officiate, organise, lead or perform. We assess students on:

  1. Participation
  2. Effort
  3. Knowledge
  4. Reflection

At Brooke Weston we offer students the opportunity to take part in a range of sporting activities throughout the year. Students complete up to 4 different sporting units each assessment point that focus on them developing their knowledge and understanding of the game alongside their practical skills in practices and games. Students can further develop these skills by attending extra-curricular activities after school or playing in fixtures against other schools.

Physical education continues into Key Stage 4 and 5 where students who are enthusiastic about sport can continue to develop their practical skills along with the theoretical side of Physical Education. The courses on offer are particularly relevant to students looking at a career in the sports industry or who want to maintain a good level of expertise and fitness in later life.

Physical Education Intent

Through Physical Education lessons at Brooke Weston students will gain an understanding of the rules, physical requirements and different roles in a broad range of sports. By learning this knowledge in PE lessons will allow them to understand sporting events across the world and enjoy them as a performer, official, coach or volunteer. Students will develop skills from isolated practices, modified games to outwitting opponents. We want our students to find a love for physical activity that leads to lifelong participation in a role of their choice that they have learnt through their experiences in PE.

Enrichment Opportunities

Sports Leaders

Sport doesn’t just promote practical skills, we also have a strong foundation for developing some excellent sport leaders. From year 8 upwards, students can to apply to be a Brooke Weston Sport leader. Our Sports Leaders take on the responsibility of:

  • running primary and secondary festivals across a range of sports like Sportshall athletics, Netball and Swimming, to running and
  • organising Level 4 School Games competitions
  • working with local primary schools to lead and organise a number of primary sports days

Sport Specific Trips

  • Condover hall netball: The girls netball team visits Condover Hall for a weekend of netball tournaments to compete for the cup.
  • Sports tour to Club LA Santa: the leading sport facility in the world. Students can take part in over 28 sports from Tennis, Paddle boarding to step classes and body bike.

Inter-tutor Competition

Each term students represent their tutor group in an inter-tutor competition based on the sport students have been taught that term with the winning team being declared at the end of the year.

Sports Day

Every year all students in year 7-10 take part in our much celebrated Sports Day. Working in their tutor groups and in front of cheering crowds of peers and family, students partake in field and track events with the winning tutor groups taking home the prize.

Talent Management Programme

We champion our Sports women and men here at Brooke Weston and recognise students competing at all levels from County, Midland, National and international achievements. We celebrate all round achievement based on the three strands of assessment used in Core PE to nominate a male and female Student of the Term

Sport Captains

We are offering students the chance to apply to become a sports captain. Upon being selected students will be awarded a badge and designated the sport they were successful in.

Sport captains will be given tasks to complete throughout the year, along with helping with fixtures, extra-curricular training, promoting the sport and organising festivals for the rest of the school.

The Team

Jodie Bellamy

Assistant Principal

Ash Narwal

Teacher of Physical Education

Sarah van Nierop

Teacher of Physical Education

Ryan Walsh 

Headof Physical Education

Emma Salisbury


Teacher of Physical Education

Lewis Bailey

Teacher of Physial Education

For detailed information regarding the curriculum refer to documents below. 

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