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Welcome to Brooke Weston Academy Prize Giving 2021

Mr Shaun Strydom, Principal

Dear Prize Giving guests,

Welcome to the 2021 Brooke Weston Academy Annual Prize Giving.

This year due to COVID-19 we are holding this event virtually, and thank you for taking the time to celebrate the success, hard work and dedication of our amazing students.

For over 30 years, this Academy has strived to provide its students with a world class education. We continue to live and breathe the original founders' mission each and every day.

Although COVID-19 has inevitably changed education, our students remain at the heart of everything we do at Brooke Weston. We provide a rich and diverse curriculum, that naturally focusses on maths, English, science and humanities, but also supports music, dance, drama, design and sport, to create successful, resilient, literate, articulate and confident young people.

Finally, we look forward to a time when it is possible to operate in school without restrictions, and want to finish by thanking you for your fantastic support of Brooke Weston Academy over this time.

Shaun Strydom
Brooke Weston Academy


Full event video

Our full event video of the 2021 event can be viewed below. Individual sections of the video are also available to watch further down the page.



Individual sections of the video can also be viewed below:

CEO Address


Principal Address


Student Leaders


Guest Speaker

David Cherry, from Kettering, was a former student at Brooke Weston between 1995-2002 who went on to study Computer Science at The University of Manchester. He has been working at Google for the past 9 years in a variety of roles and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado.


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