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Science Department

We cannot escape the fact that Science is a necessary part of our everyday lives. It studies the things that are happening around and within us and looks for evidence to explain ideas. Advances in technology and science are transforming our world at an incredible pace from the food that we eat, the medicines we take and the clothes that we wear.

For detailed information on specifications refer to the Key Stage 4 or Key Stage 5 prospectus.

The practicals conducted develop our students’ investigative skills and confidence in handling chemicals, performing dissections and the utilisation of equipment such as spectroscopes. Students are encouraged to take ownership over their learning by teachers promoting independence, thus allowing them to branch out in their own direction once the core content is understood. We are proud of our involvement within the community though our student Science Ambassadors and our links within industry and higher education enables opportunities beyond the curriculum. We are fortunate that our school is situated within a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) which enables us to study the diversity of life in the natural setting.

We aim to stimulate our students’ innate curiosity through our bespoke curriculum at all key stages emphasising a practical and stimulating curriculum which makes clear links to modern contexts.

  • Key stage 4 Science Ambassadors who represent the academy within the local primary schools
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics in action events at Warwick University
  • Participation in the Biology and Chemistry Olympiad
  • Operating theatre live – dissection based surgical experience
  • STEM links with the University of Northampton
  • Biology dissection evening to inspire a love of Biology
  • Run Adam Whitaker Astronomy event
  • Participation in ‘Super Physics 2018: supported by the IOP and the Ogden Trust’

Science Intent


In studying Science we develop skills such as: problem solving and decision making in many areas of life, how to analyse, to debate using educated opinions, to interpret, evaluate and to nurture an enquiring mind through practical endeavours. It is essential to develop an understanding of the world around us, assembled by appreciation of previous theories and how they have led to current scientific discoveries. Our goal is to raise analytical, innovative thinkers that are able to enhance the way we live and perceive the world, be successful in a variety of jobs utilising the key skills developed and to further develop as a society.


The Team

Tara McCormick

Head of Science and Biology

Angeline Annable

Teacher of Science

Tony Bebb

Teacher of Science

John Gilyead

Teacher of Science and Physics Lead

Daniel Hawksley

Teacher of Science, Deputy and Biology Lead

Karen Hearne

Trust Director of Science

Louise Hegarty

Teacher of Science

Louise Hull

Teacher of Science and Chemistry Lead

Sarah Kemp

Teacher of Science

Joshua Pape

Teacher of Science

Hannah Sneddon

Teacher of Science and KS3 Lead

For detailed information regarding the curriculum refer to documents below. 

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