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Dear Parents,

Re: Sixth Form Work Experience

As part of our Personal Development programme for Year 12 students, we are encouraging all year 12 students who are not attending a residential to complete a work experience placement from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th June.

The objectives for this placement can be found below:

• To allow students to understand how commerce and industry operate

• To help students to see the relevance of school subjects to the world of work

• To help students gain greater self-confidence and maturity

• To enable students to find placements that are related to the career / university course they are considering

• To allow them to prepare for their personal statement for their UCAS form for university applications / CV for the workplace.

Relevant work experience is increasingly viewed as an essential part of any good application for higher education and the world of work. For candidates equally good on paper applying for courses / jobs, it could well be the work experience which tips the balance in favour of one candidate over the other.

Students who plan to go into medicine, dentistry, teaching or veterinary science have already been advised to secure some form of regular work experience because of the importance given to this in university applications and interviews.

Students are encouraged to find their own placements and the school can give them support as to how to do so.

Please note that you (and your son / daughter) must ensure that you are happy with the working conditions of the placement (especially Health and Safety). Employers who routinely accommodate work experience students will have health and safety procedures in place. However, if you are in any doubt about a particular placement you or your son / daughter are arranging then your son / daughter MUST NOT commence work experience there. Please find an alternative placement.

There are two forms for completion with sections for completion by the student, the placement provider and by a parent/guardian. This will ensure we have all the relevant information required to approve the placement. We request that placements are secured and forms are returned no later than Friday 7th June. It is also important that placement hosts read the LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING FOR THE EMPLOYER PROVIDING A WORK EXPERIENCE PLACEMENT

Parent / Student  Consent Form:

Work Experience Provider Consent Form:

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