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Policies & Documentation

Policies, Procedures and Documentation

Brooke Weston Academy adheres to all policies set by Brooke Weston Trust and details of this, the statutory financial information including the gender pay gap report, can be found on the Trust website.

Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of any of the information on our website. We will endeavour to get the information to you within 24 hours.


Emergency Evacuation 

- Invacuation Policy

BWT Behaviour Policy

- BWA Code of Conduct

- Anti-Bullying Policy

- BWT Complaints Policy

- School Uniform Policy

- Charging and Remissions Policy

Equality Policy

Lone Working Policy

Low Level Concerns Policy

- BWA Accessibility Plan 202324

- Numeracy Pathway and Policy

- Literacy Pathway and Policy

- School Closure Policy

- BWA Reception Visitor Policy and Procedures

- BWT Safeguarding Policy

- Whistleblowing Procedure

- Online Safety

- Time off taken by staff who are union officials

- Freedom of Information Policy

- BWT Health and Safety Policy

- BWA H&S Organisation and Arrangements

- BWT IT Acceptable Use Policy

- BWA QA-09 Marking and Feedback Policy

BWA RSE Policy

- BWT Privacy Notice - Staff

- BWT Privacy Notice - Secondary Schools

- BWT Admissions Policy (2022-23)

- BWT Admissions Policy (2023-24)

- BWT Admissions Policy (2024-25)

- BWT Exclusions Policy (2023-24)

- BWT Special Education Needs & Inclusion Policy (2023-24)

- SEN Reports

- BWT Supporting Pupils with medical needs in School (2023-24)

Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure (including any arrangements for handling complaints from parents of children with SEN about the support provided by the school). 

If you're looking to give us feedback or to make a complaint, we want to hear from you in order that your concerns can be resolved. You can find all the contacts and related procedures below:

Please submit in writing (by email or letter) your concerns to the Principal, detailing:

  • Your name
  • A description of your complaint
  • Any names or dates you have noted if you have already spoken to someone about your concerns
  • A contact number and convenient time to contact you

The Principal will appoint a member of the Senior Leadership Team to meet with you to investigate your concerns and seek a resolution. For more information, including the complaints form, please read the BWT Complaints Policy.

Brooke Weston Academy Policies

Policies, procedures and documentation specific to Brooke Weston Academy can be found in the links above.

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